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Why PNG is not recommended for logos

Baseline is built around vector formats for a very good reason, they set your brand up in the best way possible to handle the various scenarios it can possibly encounter in the future.

By choosing to use PNG the following will happen:

You will lose out on functionality like logo conversion, so you'll only be able to download your logo as PNG from the Brand Guide. If you choose a vector file as the source, you will be able to convert it to SVG, EPS, PDF and PNG.
You will not be able to resize your PNG when downloading, only the original PNG will be available for download.
You might have quality issues with your logo when you download your designs. This is because vector formats can scale infinitely but PNG is restricted by the size and DPI of the file. That means the logo will get pixelated if you try to scale it up.

We encourage everyone to try to use vector formats as the source if possible. This will make sure the quality of your brand will always be tip top.

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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