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Creating Brand Galleries

Brand Galleries are used to present visual Digital Assets in brand guides.

To create a gallery head to a brand dashboard and brand click the cogwheel next to the brand name and select Galleries.

Screenshot of a brand dashboard

Once there, you can select "+ Add Gallery" to add a single gallery and fill it with photos from your asset library. Below are details on options available for galleries

Editing text

You can customize the tile and description for each gallery by clicking the text and modifying it.

Change Layout

You can change collage layouts using the buttons labelled Layout. Each button has an icon representing the layout.


The fit determines how the images will be presented. First option is to scale the image to cover the container, so that no white space is present. The second option is to fit the image within the container, which can cause uneven space distribution between images but can be better to present illustrations and other assets you don't want any part cut off from.

Adding Galleries and Collages

You can more another Galleries or Collages by pressing the buttons on the bottom of the page, or in the dropdown when you press the button marked with "+" under each gallery or collage.


A Gallery comes with a title, description and spacing between it and the next gallery.


A Collage is used to extend a gallery, by adding another group of assets with customizable layout.


If you want to skip manually adding each and every picture, you can use the Autofill button located under each gallery or collage. It will open the asset selector, which you use to navigate to the correct folder and then press Select Folder in the top right corner.


The Preview button, which is located in the bottom left corner, will show how the galleries will appear in the brand guide, by removing the input fields for text, along with layout and position controls.


Why are all galleries in a fixed aspect ratio?

To ensure consistency across all mediums, like web and print, all galleries use collages that are fixed in dimensions.

Make sure that all asset slots in the gallery are filled.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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